Canada recently launched two new pilot programs aimed at providing permanent residency paths to caregivers. The Home Child Care Provider Pilot and Home Support Worker Pilot were launched in June, 2019 as 5-year pilot programs and have replaced previous caregiver programs.

Eligible occupations under these pilot programs:

  • NOC 4411 – Home child care provider (such as babysitting/caregiving tasks)
    • Take in-home care of children under 18 years of age
  • NOC 4412 – Home support worker
    • Provide care and companionship to seniors, people with disabilities or people recovering from illness

What is the work experience requirement?

24 months of Canadian work experience in last 36 months in the aforementioned occupations is required for the final decision to be made on the permanent residency application. If you do not have the required Canadian work experience, you can submit your permanent residency and work permit application together. You may be issued an occupation-restricted open work permit which will allow you to work in Canada. Once you gain the required Canadian work experience of 2 years, you can submit the proof of your work experience to the immigration officer. He/She will then make a final decision on your permanent residency application.

Can my spouse and dependent children come with me?

Yes, your spouse and dependent children can accompany you. You can apply for their respective work permit and study permit together with your application.

What other eligibility requirements should I be aware of?

Some of the eligibility requirements for these two programs are, you:

  • have a genuine and valid job offer, if do not have the required Canadian work experience
  • have past experience or training or education related to the work
  • meet language requirement – Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5 in each skill
  • meet education requirement – post-secondary education of at least 1 year
  • are admissible to Canada
  • live outside of Quebec

What if I am already working in Canada as a Home Child Care Provider or Home Support Worker and have less experience than 24 months?

You can still apply for permanent residency under one of these categories and continue working. Please note that you cannot mix both of these occupations. Your 24 months of work experience must be in 1 of these jobs.

What if I already have 24 months of Canadian work experience in last 36 months as a Home Child Care Provider or Home Support Worker?

If you meet the work experience requirement and all the other eligibility requirement of your applicable occupation then you can directly apply for permanent residency. You can also include your family members in your application.