Express Entry in Kelowna

Express Entry is an online application management and processing system through which Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), previously known as Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), can assess and select skilled workers who are seeking to become Canadian permanent residents. In order to apply through the Express Entry system, an applicant needs to be eligible in at least one of the following federal economic immigration streams.

Canada has many diverse pathways by which it selects people to become permanent resident of Canada
Canada has many diverse pathways by which it selects people to become permanent resident of Canada

Family Sponsorship

One of the primary objectives of the Canadian Immigration law is family reunification. There are various streams through which Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents can sponsor their close family members to come and live with them in Canada permanently.

Provincial Nominee Programs

Provincial Nominees Programs (PNPs) allow the Canadian provinces or territories (except Nunavut and Quebec*) to select immigrants who want to live in that province. Within a provinces’ provincial nominee program, there are multiple ‘streams’ which have been designed to meet the provinces’ self-identified economic and demographic needs. Provinces’ set the selection/eligibility criteria for their different streams.

Canada has many diverse pathways by which it selects people to become permanent resident of Canada

Permanent Residence Consultant

Discover Your Journey to Permanent Residence: Your Gateway to Calling Canada Home

AM—SQUARE assists you in finding pathways to your goal! However, Express Entry is an online system controlled by Canada’s immigration authorities designed for skilled workers seeking Canadian permanent residency.

When you are willing to be a permanent resident in Kelowna, there are several ways to look for the right fit. Family sponsorship is the very first way. This signifies that if you’re a Canadian citizen or permanent resident in Kelowna, you can sponsor your family to live with you forever.

This will help you be close to your loved ones and settle faster, providing a strong support network between the people important to you. Grab this opportunity and start your permanent residency process now.

Another alternative to consider is the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)! These programs allow Canadian provinces (except for Nunavut and Quebec) to choose immigrants who wish to reside in a specific province. Each region, like Kelowna, has its own rules and programs tailored to fit its particular needs and motives.

So, why not take that big leap and explore all the various pathways currently available to achieve your dream of becoming a permanent resident in Kelowna, Canada?! Let’s do it. Don’t hesitate and go for it without fear!

Navigating the immigration procedure can be complex, so getting guidance from a renowned permanent residence consultant is essential. Our skilled team is available to assist individuals like you in understanding how to obtain permanent residency in Kelowna through different pathways, including Express Entry.

Our advisors help you explore choices like Express Entry in Kelowna, family sponsorship, or a Provincial Nominee Program. We’re dedicated to supporting you in reaching permanent residency in Kelowna and realizing your Canadian dreams. Contact us today for assistance on settling down permanently. We’re ready to provide support at every stage of your journey.